Bio Sonics- Angelic Tuner Kit

Bio Sonics- Angelic Tuner Kit

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Set of 3 unweighted Forks in the frequencies of 4096, 4160 and 4225 Hz.

Product Description

The Angel Tuners are based on the ninth octave of the overtone series. In the overtone series a fundamental tone creates a second tone and the second tone creates a third tone, etc. These tones ascend in pitch. This rising in pitch of the overtone series represents the archetypal images of Jacob's Ladder and the stairway to heaven. 

By vibrating your cranial bones, the Angel Tuner opens the gateway for spiritual insights and experiences. These tuners enhances your connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration and a meditative state, as well as connections with higher powers, visions, and creative expression.


Enhances connection to universal energy 

Spiritual insights and experiences 

Manifestation of inspiration and a meditative state 

Connect with higher powers and creative expression 

Instructions: All three Angel Tuners can be used in many creative ways. Tap any two together and meditate upon the sound or hold several Angel Tuners? between your fingers and tap them simultaneously to create an Angelic concert. The sound will be delicate, and high in pitch. The Angel Tuners can also be used with crystals to create group meditations. With one person laying on a bodywork table or floor as many as five people can surround him or her with their Angel Tuners and crystals. For example, one person can stand at the head, one at each shoulder, and one at each hip creating a five star pattern. Then you can gently tap the forks and move the crystals along different diagonal star patterns. After meditation or massage, gently tap the angel tuners. You do not have to hold them directly in your ears. Tap them gently three inches to several feet off the cranium and move them around. They can be held in specific areas of sutural restrictions, internal bone rotation, or energy conflict. The pulsating beats between the tuning forks will be apparent to the listener's ears. Most importantly, allow your inner mind to listen to the sound and create new ways of using the Angel Tuners.